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Ceramiche Refin / from 2006 to today
Ceramiche Refin was founded in 1962 and over the years has become a benchmark for the Italian and international ceramic market. Part of the Concorde Group since 1998, Refin's mission [...]
FIR Italia / from 2018 to today
For over 60 years Fir Italia, a company operating in the designer faucets sector, has been a benchmark in both domestic and professional environments. Founded on ambitious corporate aims, the [...]
Flos / from 2021 to today
Flos is an international company and brand synonymous with high quality and the ultimate expression of fine design, recognized the world over as a leading in the residential and architectural lighting sector. Established in Merano -northern Italy- in 1962 by Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina, in 1964 the Gandini family took up the helm and transferred the company’s headquarters to the Brescia [...]
Gabel Group / from 2018 to today
GABEL 1957, SOMMA 1867, PRETTI and VALLESUSACASA, all part of the Gabel Group, have always been synonymous with excellence in the field of household linen. A family company that has [...]
Giuseppe Tortato Architetti / from 2017 to today
The Giuseppe Tortato Architetti studio, based in Milan, develops architectural and interior design projects offering a multidisciplinary and “tailored” approach for Italian and international clients, both corporate and private. The [...]
Horm / from 2023 to today
Since 1989, Horm has combined linearity, elegance, and art to create domestic environments that are always essential but of great aesthetic impact. Horm proposes a "contemporary design" style where international [...]
Linea Light Group / from 2018 to today
Founded in 1976, Linea Light Group was among the first companies in Europe to specialize in LED technology, a perfect solution to the needs of color fidelity, design versatility, energy [...]
Listone Giordano / from 2005 to today
Listone Giordano, part of the multi-business group Margaritelli, is the leading brand in the high-end wood flooring sector. The company’s respect for ethical and professional values, combined with a passion [...]