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Ghénos Communication has been active in the Communication, Press Office and PR world for more than 20 years. We provide tailor-made services based on the specific needs of each client, accompanying and supporting them in the brand awareness process.
We are proud of our partnerships with major companies, which are renewed every year, and of the fact that we are a reliable and trusted partner for those who choose to take advantage of our structure.

We work with communication strategies that are well-researched and created ad hoc, diversified and personalized for companies in order to meet their needs. Through our Press Office, Public Relations, and Event Organization activities, we offer the essential tools necessary for the dissemination and endorsement of brands, including coordinated image analysis, defining market positioning, and planning communication projects.

Public Relations activities are carried out by first considering the client’s specific requests, and then proposing ideas and solutions for a PR strategy that is more effective and purposefully designed to reach the target group. Our expertise and our personal knowledge in the Public Relations field, gained over the course of over 20 years in the industry, allows us to effectively assist our clients in quickly finding and contacting the right people, choosing the most suitable venues for events and, naturally, organizing all of the support logistics. Talking and listening: a process of continuous rapprochement and work towards understanding the perceptions and expectations of those with whom we are interacting. Our goal is to promote a valuable relationship between the company and the general public; not only helping the company foster a closer relationship with its public, but also to help the public in understanding the company.

Brand, Corporate e Product Communication:
The press office speaks on behalf of the company, to both the general public and to a specific target public, managing and coordinating the information flows and relationships through different communications media, in order to obtain editorial space in publications that is not paid advertising. We transform the facts, events and products related to a given company or institution into news; gathering, organizing, and disseminating data and information.
Thanks to solid relationships and daily contact with the national and international press, we’re able to have our material published both in Italy and abroad. Our Press Office activities involve not only magazines, newspapers, and specialized industry publications but also TV and web publications. We also manage contacts with production companies in order to facilitate the placement of our client’s products in TV shows and movies. We create customized content to meet the needs of each individual client.

Press Tours, Press Days e Press Meetings:
We organize personalized visits to newsrooms, meetings with newspaper editors, as well as press tours that involve visits to our clients’ production facilities or to see noteworthy projects and designs.

Product Placement:
Bloggers, influencers, and industry personalities: we’re active in positioning our clients’ products in exchange for merchandise/visibility through carefully researching and engaging the right people.

Exhibitions, fairs, and events: we manage loans of products from our clients’ collections for all visibility opportunities where optimal target positioning is guaranteed.

Architects and interior designers are a primary target of our communication activity. Involving industry professionals is key to ensuring that our clients come into contact with these types of professionals. Every one of our events involves the participation of a selected list of architects and interior designers.

In addition to contacting individual architects or their firms, we also establish relationships with the most important institutions in the design landscape – such as administrative entities, associations and trade shows – to ensure that our clients have constant and up-to-date information and advice on the best opportunities and how to take advantage of them.

Organizing individual or co-branded events is essential for companies to get the public talking about them, and to initiate direct and emotionally engaging contact with their target audience in order to develop business. We take care of organizing events that we design and propose to our clients to help them achieve their predefined goals. Our structure is able to design both the strategic as well as the creative sides, not to mention the operational and logistical aspects, of every event: major corporate events or product launches, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, road shows, etc. Thanks to our team of external professionals, we can offer a tailor-made, turnkey package based on the benchmark target and established budget. This service includes researching a suitable location to host the event, organizing the catering, lights, music, and anything else that is necessary to ensure a successful event.

Showroom Events:
We also organize special events aimed at clients, technical contacts, purchasing influencers, or other specific targets, with the goal of strengthening the company’s image and achieving higher visibility.

Trade Shows Assistance and Management:
We manage the assistance and presence of qualified people from our team during national and international trade shows.

We deal with media campaign management by carefully selecting the media channels which best meet our client’s specific needs.
We work closely with them in order to support them and help them to maximize their sales strategies. Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and potential of every type of media, we are able to design, coordinate and control communication campaigns and production processes.

In a world that increasingly interfaces, looks for information and endorsement on the web, it becomes important to manage our client’s brand reputation, increasing their visibility, also in this specific arena. Digital PR and Social Media Management activities are carried out on several levels: from communication strategies – involving the identification of the most suitable channels, to content generation; and from managing the company’s social media channels to handling relations with the blogosphere and online newspaper journalists. We design and manage the most suitable and effective communication strategy for the company aimed at initiating, developing, and being aware of the conversations that start on the Web and emerge in the real world and vice versa.

Our team, made up of well-trained and highly-skilled professionals from different fields, is available to our clientele to help develop additional services that can, in an increasingly global scenario, require a very specific skill set and carefully-targeted initiatives. From content creation to copywriting, thanks to a large network of talented collaborators including not only journalists, but also film makers and photographers, social media specialists and graphic designers, we are able to provide global support for complete communication.

Creating networks with architects, interior designers and other key figures is an integral part of the support we can offer. We transform ordinary activities into bespoke business and match-making opportunities that can connect our clients’ sales and marketing units with industry professionals.

Meetings at the Architect’s Office:
Customized activities involving meetings at a number of architect’s offices carefully selected to meet each client’s specific needs. We handle everything from client analysis to profiling the architectural firms to approach, as well as organizing the meeting on the client’s behalf.

Company visits:
Designed for small groups of 6 to 8 architectural firms, they include client analysis, profiling of the architectural firms to approach, and organizing a turnkey event from logistics to presentations and publicity materials to be delivered.

Special Projects:
Through the creation of distinctive concepts and the design of carefully researched special events, we propose meetings that engage architectural firms with cultural or playful content. In either case, the participating architects have the opportunity to come into contact with the host company (normally in the company’s showroom) while enjoying an approach that is both unusual and effective.

In a landscape where the watchword is “custom made”, it becomes increasingly important and strategic to be able to offer services created ad hoc, based not only on the client’s needs but also on the context in which they operate.

We make our specialized professionals from the world of journalism available to design, develop and produce special content for digital editorials, paper and digital reference books, event-specific publications, product launches and workshops ¬– according to the communication style and to the positioning of companies and clients.

Research, design and realization of corporate identity, in-house publications, catalogs, and brochures – offering complete project management from photoshoots to graphic design and printing.

Graphic design and creation of websites.

From the experience of over twenty years of Ghénos Communication, a new division of communication and digital marketing services dedicated to Building Information Modeling was born. BIM is a method for optimizing the planning, construction, and management of buildings with the help of software. Through them, all relevant building data can be collected, combined, and linked digitally.

With this new division, Ghénos Communication seeks to offer an additional service to designers and companies who already use the BIM world or who want to be part of it, offering services aimed at optimizing and capitalizing on their digital investment.

The Tricolore Design Hub is expanding into the Metaverse thanks to a collaboration with Vection Technologies.

We provide a virtual area in which you may immerse yourself in addition to the actual space.

The virtual reality projects may be completely utilized within our showroom’s display area by utilizing 3D goggles that allow the user to move and experience the environment in a totalizing manner, with his own body and through his own eyes.

We provide the chance to use Integrated XR technology to develop, update, adapt, and personalize your own goods and projects.

Having virtual environments capable of precisely recreating a project or product is critical for professionals in the field, as it allows them to work quicker, more precisely, and more readily with colleagues, partners, and consumers.