Secret Garden

Home Projects Secret Garden / 01 June 2020

Listone Giordano, a leading brand in the high-end wood parquet sector, presents a project in Sant Vicenç de Montalt carried out in collaboration with the architect Artur Bossy. A house conceived from the idea of uniting the natural landscape with its surroundings and making the house’s architecture and landscaping coexist in harmony. Located in Maresme, this private house with admirable views of the Mediterranean Sea frames the permanent harmony with nature and the environment. Therefore, wood, water, copper and glass are the only sources of inspiration for this project. In this way, it has opted for an honest approach to noble materials such as the wood of the Listone Giordano flooring, where the collection of Oak Mareggiata (tidal surge) wood flooring by Listone Giordano has been installed in the interior. A collection that is born from the typical aesthetic aspect of wood worn by time and by the salty water of the sea. On the exterior of the house and the central island of the pool, the Fresno 90 thermo treated flooring. The harmony between nature and construction turns this project into an architectural jewel.