Press Day

Home Products Press Day / 17 February 2020

In a charming 1950s Milanese interior, illuminated by the typical Milanese light of the winter and gloomy mornings, Mentemano has officially presented itself to the press. The new Milanese design brand already reveals its DNA from the name.” It is the mind that guides the hand to create a piece of furniture, an object, that satisfies the function, or is it the hand, which provides the stimulus to the mind for the realization of a project? ” asks Nicola Gisonda, architect and artistic director of the brand.

Mentemano was born from a strong architectural matrix, which is reflected in every construction detail. The shape is reduced to the clean lines that transform into functional decorations and a structural lightness that lets the material speak: these are the distinctive features with which this brand appears on the Italian design scene.

Among the novelties the sideboard Less expresses its strength “by subtraction”; the Keplero coffee table – a monochromatic piece with suspended shelves like satellites and Spider, the archetype of the wooden table, which simply rotates the legs revealing an unexpected scenic effect.

Client: Mentemano
Date: February, 2020