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Pieces of Venice was born from a Circular Enterprise project between Luciano Marson and his wife Karin Friebel to encompass their love for Venice, for materials, beauty, and society.

The goal of the Benefit Company is to recover recyclable materials in the area of ​​Venice and its lagoon and make them available to a wide public both in their original nature and transformed. Alongside the brand values, ​​we find a group of established designers who have created a collection of pleasant quality and tasteful souvenirs to remember a trip to Venice (or the love for the magical city itself), rather than useful objects such as photo frames or pillboxes, fans, walking sticks and long-handled shoehorns to respect the backs of our grandparents. Other creations are evergreens as the Altalena. The reinterpretations such as the Raganella are transmitting the culture of the recent past to new generations.

In its nature as a Benefit Company, Pieces of Venice has the sensitivity and social awareness and mainly entrusts the processing and transformation of materials to the Futura Social Cooperative that has the purpose of redemption and social rehabilitation. Besides, the company donates € 3 for each product sold to the non-profit association Masegni and Nizioleti, which takes care of safeguarding the decor of the city where the public authorities cannot reach.

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XXVI Compasso d’Oro: “Design per il sociale”

09 September 2020

The Benefit Company Pieces of Venice receives the XXVI Compasso d'Oro in the category "Design for social issues". It was born from the love for Venice, for the handicraft know-how and for the social concern, Pieces of Venice consists of a circular economy enterprise with a short supply chain, with an ethical matrix, which recovers and subsequently recycles discarded materials from Venice, giving them new life. Thanks to the collaboration with excellent designers,...