BIGFoot My Office

Home Prodotti Protek + Design BIGFoot My Office / 18 Novembre 2020

The new models of Bigfoot® are renewed as well as in some technical and aesthetic details, such as the sliding system, the weather-strips, the finishing, also due to the availability of new formats of 60 cm ready to be integrated into the furniture systems already present in the living or in the kitchen, allowing to increase the available space. In addition, the modules are interchangeable among each other and are also super imposable, in order to make the house dynamic during the day and adaptable to the specific needs of the moment.
The new Bigfoot® MyOffice has been conceived in response to the new needs emerged during COVID-19 emergency. The ‘forced’ work at home highlighted how the majority of houses nowadays are not compatible with the working needs of having a dedicated and reserved space, where you can concentrate or organize online meetings. The module Smart-working allows all these situations. It is fully equipped with all that you need to set up a workstation with a table-desk, shelves for documents, plug set in order to connect the pc and the other devices which should be necessary while working.
Bigfoot is the patented system, available in the two versions, Architectural, to be integrated into the wall during the design and renovation of the home, and Interior, which can simply be placed on the wall by means of a simple wall fixing, which does not require any particular construction work.