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Home Products New collection Cleosoft / 07 April 2022

The minimalism of aluminium or the unpredictability of wood? The answer to this question does not lie in choosing, but in allowing oneself to be fascinated by both these materials. This is the choice made by Talenti, the world’s top outdoor brand, which with its new CleoSoft collection bets on a virtuous combination of materials to satisfy every need.  

The guiding thread of the CleoSoft collection is the creation of a young, dynamic product capable of emotionally involving the observer. A collection born from the desire to experiment with a game of contrasts and unusual combinations of materials: the lightness of aluminium, the modernity of the surfaces in vitter, the vitality of wood, the surprising elegance of the textile coverings and a new soft cushioning of great welcome and comfort combine to create a line that adapts perfectly to any style or outdoor space. Depending on the setting or colour combination, one version is preferable to the other, leaving the customer with the last word on the verdict. CleoSoft Alu and CleoSoft Wood are two sides of the same coin, two souls of a brand that focuses on quality and attention to detail