Home Products FACTUM / 20 December 2022

After the preview at Milan Design Week, the striking and emotive collection signed by the iconic Italian designer in collaboration with Luca Gonzo is finally available.

A Latin term, an ancient name to define a need for aesthetic spirituality that is highly topical in modern times. Factum is this and much more. The direct influence of a master like Carlo Scarpa, this collection of wooden floors designed by Dante Oscar Benini and Luca Gonzo for the iconic Listone Giordano brand reflects the deep-rooted mental percussion of its author. A surprising and unprecedented floor, the deco essence of a Versailles of the new millennium with a sublime rhythm and capable of metamorphosing in every sense.

Factum is made up of three elements that make up the quadrotta, each of which can be interpreted in different colour variations or even in monochromatic versions, as in the square element, which can rotate freely and where the insert also aspires to become a different material. And, in turn, the squares can be placed side by side to create surface patterns with infinite compositions and rhythms that extend to become rugs or paintings that are always different – elegant and never banal – with a strong visual impact.  

With Factum, the floor rises up to the wall and thus also becomes a boiserie, completing an ideal circuit that turns the home into a safe haven of design. A collaboration in which Listone Giordano was deeply involved, contributing decisively to the research and prototyping process.