Press Day Unox Casa

Home Events Press Day Unox Casa / 13 October 2022

Headquarters, Ghenos Communication organized an exclusive press day for major English publications,
continuing the internationalization process of Unox Casa – the new division dedicated to the high-end
residential market born from the experience of Unox, a world-leading manufacturer of professional ovens –
with a unique presentation in the UK. Inside the exclusive Halcyon Interiors, one of the most beautiful and
evocative showrooms in the heart of Central London’s design district, it will be possible to discover
SuperOven, the first professional oven for domestic use that integrates the high technology and performance
of the best starred restaurants with an iconic Italian design suitable for being included in the most exclusive
Available in two configurations, Model 1 and Model 1S, SuperOven offers professional performance in a
simple, immediate way, making types of cooking not found in traditional ovens possible, such as grilling,
frying, vacuum cooking, smoking and dehydrating. Thanks to sensors that continuously monitor the
percentage of humidity inside

Client: Unox Casa
Event: Unox Casa Presentation
Date: 13th October
Location: London, UK