New Headquarter

Home Events New Headquarter / 29 March 2021

Stemming from the regeneration of the historical former Federici pasta factorythe new headquarters embody the brand’s philosophy over a surface area of 80 thousand square meters with its offices, warehouses, and showroom, all linked by the same concept: the love for beauty and the best Italian design. 


The lines and shapes of design can instantly evoke a brand’s spirit, capturing its essence and crystallizing it into new exterior shapes capable of exciting any observer. This is the path chosen by the Talenti brand in creating its new Headquarters in Amelia, in the heart of the Umbria region in Italy, thanks to the avant-garde architectural project that has totally regenerated and brought to new life the former Federici pasta factory, an Italian enterprise globally renowned since the early 2000s. The final result is an innovative and ultra-modern building that translates Talenti’s mission into architecture through materials, especially dear to the company, such as wood, metal, and marble. 

The new HQ is not just a new venue – Fabrizio Camelithe Talenti CEO and founder explains – but also the intention to launch a message to the world of design showing that extraordinary results can be obtained through passion and commitment. 

Client: Talenti
Event: New Headquarter
Date: 29 March, 2021
Place: Amelia, ITA