Neuro Nature

Home Corporate Neuro Nature / 05 April 2023

Neuro Nature, an experimental and multisensory path, opens at the Listone Giordano Arena in Milan from April 5th until the end of the Milan Design Week.

The initiative accompanies visitors on a regenerating journey in direct contact with the plant world, with the aim of generating a better quality of life, synonymous with health and psychophysical well-being. The interdisciplinary research aims to measure the actual effectiveness of this immersive experience in regenerating the affective state and restoring the state of well-being. This project aspires to provide concrete and sustainable answers to the reduction of environmental stress.

The “barefoot” journey is facilitated and made even more immersive by the use of technological “neural helmets” with EEG technology that use the most advanced neuroscience techniques in combination with artificial intelligence to study the relationship between man and planet earth. This oasis of well-being – human regeneration – is part of a serious reflection and research in environmental psychology, which aims to analyze the actual impact of the characteristics of the physical environment on individual and collective well-being. The project is born from the initial – necessary and not taken for granted – assertion of that “promise of well-being” that brings to reality those theories and studies inherent in Wilson’s biophilia and environmental regenerativeness.

Client: Listone Giordano
Date: 5th – 23rd April, 2023
Place: Arena, Milan, Italy