Home Prodotti FIR Italia FIRUNICO® / 11 Maggio 2020

For over 60 years Fir Italia has been a landmark in the design tap and mixer sector and has just officially obtained the European patent for FirUnico®, the universal built-in system with 5 outlets for all of the wall-mounted built-in washbasin, shower and thermostatic shower mixers in the Fir Italia collections.

The new FirUnico® universal built-in system has been designed to expand the range of solutions available to end users for taps and mixers in the shower and washbasin areas, at the same time making the work of professionals much easier.
The great advantage of this universal built-in system is that it can be installed immediately and then decide at a later time what type of mixer to install, traditional or thermostatic, and also the style and design model from the collection.

A single built-in system for all types of wall-mounted mixers: with FirUnico® it’s really possible!

Furthermore, given its lead-free ADZ brass body, its food grade gaskets and its flow control adapters made of technopolymer, FirUnico® is a “green” product that respects human health and the environment. Lastly, as far as water saving is concerned, FirUnico® universal built-in system, combined with Fir italia shower heads and shower accessories, offers energy saving solutions, allowing you to save about 50% of water consumption.

Fir Italia shower solutions, beginning with the choice of using ecofriendly materials, tend to preserve water and reduce waste in the home, contract and public sectors.