Eco Sustainable Design

Home Productos Eco Sustainable Design / 09 marzo 2020

Eco-friendly design is trendy and furnishing becomes “more green”: in recent years, a collective conscience and a tendency to preserve water, an invaluable asset, which contemplates, among its goals. Fir Italia, a brand active in the design tap sector for over 60 years, has long been taking the path of eco-sustainability, based on the idea that a tap correct and functional design can take into account the needs of the environment and protection of primary resources, first of all by saving on water consumption. For this reason Fir Italia is used to install «green» aerators on all washbasin mixers and taps, which significantly reduce the water flow; the company also offers shower heads already working with low water flow rates.
The “star” of this green revolution is Kelio 63 collection»Green» solutions able to optimize the water flow regulation, while maintaining the pleasant sensation of a vigorous and regenerating jet. All in line with both the protection concept concerning primary resources and the design for eco-sustainable systems aimed to water and energy savings, to which is added a wide range of special, resistant and cutting-edge finishings.