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On Wednesday 4 December, a special evening was held at the Listone Giordano Arena Space in via Santa Cecilia 6 in Milan, to pay tribute to Natural Genius, the project created by Listone Giordano with the aim of celebrating the link between genius and naturalness.
Andrea Margaritelli, brand manager of Listone Giordano, told a fascinating story that began in New York, at the center of the Rotunda of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum 10 years ago and which today continues its journey of beauty and audacity. The protagonists of the evening were the notes of the famous pianist Danilo Rea who catapulted the guests into a parallel dimension and which was inspired precisely by this indissoluble union.

Client: Listone Giordano
Event: Natural Genius
Date: December, 2019
Place: Milano, ITA